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As a therapist, I offer warmth, humor, authentic feedback, along with a deep respect for the people with whom I work. My focus is on hearing what people want in their lives and then helping them develop the skills and confidence to get it.

I create a supportive place to identify strengths, expand coping strategies, better understand and tolerate emotions, and find meaning in life's challenges. I also help couples develop stronger bonds by cultivating deeper levels of connection and working to shift unhelpful patterns. I love helping clients find relief from symptoms, and to witness people enjoying their relationships more fully- including partnerships, family, friendships and community ties.

I specialize in relationships, assertiveness, perinatal mental health (including postpartum adjustment), & life transitions. Witnessing people tap into a stronger sense of self and really go for their dreams is powerful stuff.

I am also passionate about working with new mamas and dads, and have a unique understanding of parenting children with special needs. In addition, I have significant experience helping premarital couples build a strong foundation for commitment, including through the PREPARE/ENRICH program.

In 2007, I obtained a Master's Degree from the University of Minnesota in Educational Psychology-Counseling; after completing my training, I recieved the LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) license in 2009. For about ten years, I provided psychotherapy at a local non-profit with a wide variety of clients. I work well with iconoclastic artists, powerhouse executives, and everything in-between. My practice is LGBTQ affirming and welcoming to all.

In my marriage of nearly a decade, I have gained insight and compassion regarding the struggles that couples and parents face. I am also a writer, nature enthusiast, advocate and cheerleader (without pom-poms) for a more just and peaceful world.